Friday, August 27, 2010

A step-by-step guide to set up proxy in Android mobiles

Are you a proud owner of one of the Android mobiles- Nexusone, HTC desire, Droid, Galaxy, etc? Or are you still on the search to see if Android mobiles are really worth all the hype? Then, our say would be “Android is one of the amazing cutting edge technologies of today which has features that no mobile ever can imagine”. Be it the flexibility in customization or the speed and power, Android phones rock.

One such speciality is that you can run any and every website that can be run on a computer owing to the HTML5 compatibility. Which means that you can surf, mail, chat upload and do wonders with your pocket-sized Android mobile! But the million dollar question is HOW TO ENABLE PROXY SETTING FOR THE ANDROID PHONE EASILY

Today most colleges and workplaces are wifi enabled with a local proxy configuration. It is quite obvious that the wireless network can be used for net access only with the proxy enabled. To enable proxy settings you’ll have to install custom ROM and for that ROOTING is essential. Tracking how to do that can be a cumbersome task. And that's where we come to help you do it quickly and easily. Read on !!!


  • Root your android mobile

  • Install custom ROM (Open Desire)

  • Set the proxy for the wireless network followed by Orbot installation


Unrevoked3 for Windows – download here

  1. Incase you have already installed HTC Sync, uninstall it.

  2. Install the hboot driver following these steps. Note: Though the steps given in the link.

  3. Reinstall HTC Sync.

  4. You would have downloaded a file called reflash-bundle.exe. Double click it.

  5. It will ask you to specify the download destination. Give a rememberable location.
  1. Go to the place where you installed Unrevoked.
  2. Ensure that “USB DEBUGGING” option is turned on.
  3. Select SETTINGS-"APPLICATION-DEVELOPMENT "on your Android mobile.
  4. Conect your android phone to computer through USB.
  5. Run reflash.
  6. It may take some time. Meanwhile your phone is rooted automatically.
  7. The operation has successfully if you don’t get stuck up anywhere in the middle.
  8. And at the end of all this, your phone is rooted !!!

Once the rooting process is completed successfully, HTC Sync can be installed again.So, Finally, your android mobile is rooted and you will be in the “Recovery mode”.
Just restart your mobile in the “Normal mode” and boom !!! you have the root permissions !!!



  1. A blank cd
  2. A CD/DVD writer installed with a good software to burn with. (Don’t have a burner? Try this software )
  3. A Linux Live CD (Don’t have? Try Slax)
  4. If on a wireless network, Download “Unrevoked” for Linux and copy it onto a USB stick or your phone’s SD card.
  1. Burn your Linux Live CD to your blank CD using the burner.
  2. Put the burnt CD in the CD drive and restart the system.
  3. Your CD should start booting. If not, change the boot sequence and make your CD to boot before your hard drive.
  4. You will see Slax start screen. Select “Slax Graphics Mode (KDE)“.Wait for it to load.
  5. The Slax desktop opens. Start Firefox using the icon in the taskbar at the bottom, and go to:
  6. Select the name of your Android mobile, click “Unrevoked3″ and select “Download for Linux”. Click Save when prompted.
  7. If you are on a wireless network just copy the “Unrevoked” software that you previously put in your USB drive or SD card to the Desktop.
  8. Extract the downloaded file. (Detailed steps given below)
  9. On your android phone, select Settings->Applications->Development and check if “USB Debugging” Option is turned on.
  10. Connect your mobile to the USB cable.
  11. Run “Unrevoked”(reflash) and rest while it automatically roots your mobile.
  12. If you finally see a “success” message you know that you have a rooted phone now!!!

  1. Close any opened windows. Go to Slax Desktop.
  2. Double-click the HOME icon on the Desktop- click Downloads.
  3. Right-click reflash.tar.gz and select Preview in Archiver
  4. In the window that opens right click the file, and select “Extract”
  5. When it asks you to select a location, click the Folder icon next the text box (named root) and select Downloads
  6. Click OK.
Once the rooting process is completed successfully, HTC Sync can be installed again.So, Finally, your android mobile is rooted and you will be in the “Recovery mode”.
Just restart your mobile in the “Normal mode” and boom !!! you have the root permissions !!!


You can
    • run any application that requires ROOT permission like

          • Shootme (allows you to take screen shots)

          • Titanium Backup(back up all apps and apps data)

    • install custom ROMS like the leaked versions of Froyo which aids you to enable proxy , our ultimate aim!!!

    • install custom themes and Bootscreen .

    • install all your applications in the memory card rather than in the phone.

  • Root your android mobile

  • Install custom ROM (Open Desire)

  • Set the proxy for the wireless network followed by Orbot installation
The next step is installing Custom Rom that supports proxy connection. One such Rom is Open Desire I will be talking exclusively on how to install the Rom following that will describe on how to use the proxy settings. You need to install Rom Manager to install Rom without any problem

  1. Take a backup of all data and application. This is very important.
  2. There is an option to do it with ease in ROM Manager called “Backup current ROM”.
  3. Download the ROM file from the post on XDA. Some custom ROMs like the HTC Sense Froyo need a radio file. If so, then download that file too.
  4. Connect the Android mobile to your system in the Disk Drive mode.
  5. Copy the downloaded ROM file( compulsorily zipped) and a radio file (if needed) into the SD card.
  6. Unmount the phone.
  7. Eject the SD card and change the phone mode to “Charge Only”.
  8. Reboot the mobile into in Recovery mode.
    1. If you have installed ROM Manager, choose “reboot into Recovery” option.
    2. Else if you have installed adb, just open Command Prompt/Terminal and enter the command: adb shell reboot recovery.
    3. Else Turn off your phone->Hold Volume Down key->select Recovery by pressing Power button.
  1. Now you will be in the Recovery mode.
  2. Select the zip file (ROM file)from the SD card and install it.
  3. Specify which ROM you wish to install from the given list.
  4. Once the ROM is installed, keep pressing the back button until you reach the start screen of Clockwork Recovery.
  5. Reboot the system now.

NOTE: If the ROM installation need a new radio installation to complete, check if there is any specific steps in the ROM topic, if not , repeat steps 9-12, but select the zipped radio file instead of the zipped ROM file in step 11.

15. The phone will automatically restart and attempt to boot in the custom ROM.

ABOUT OpenDesire

OpenDesire was made with made purely for the HTC Desire and is compiled from a variety of public repositories, OpenDesire is NOT a port of any HTC ROM, it is compiled from source purely with the exception of the Google Apps for which the source code is not publicised.

OpenDesire was built with stability and reliability in mind and therefore does not contain any additional applications. Since version 3.x some community maintained repositories from CyanogenMod have been included in the release.


  • Built 100% from source (with the exception of Google Apps)

  • 2.6.34.x kernel

  • Google Apps

  • Superuser by ChainsDD

  • Legacy A2SD with Cache2SD

  • Busybox

  • 720p camcorder support

  • FLAC / WMA / WMV media support

  • Deodexed & Zipaligned

  • many more mods/tweaks & hacks


Root your android mobile
Install custom ROM (Open Desire)
Set the proxy for the wireless network from settings followed by Orbot installation.

Here are some of the pictures showing the proxy settings in my phone..

Once all these settings are done you can browse internet via proxy through the browser.To enable using the applications via proxy Orbot installation is necessary.

Install Orbot to enable using all applications via proxy settings!!
Orbot is an application that allows mobile phone users to access the web, instant messaging and email without being monitored or blocked by their mobile internet service provider. Orbot brings the features and functionality of Tor to the Android mobile operating system.
Orbot contains Tor, libevent and privoxy. Orbot provides a local HTTP proxy and the standard SOCKS4A/SOCKS5 proxy interfaces into the Tor network. Orbot has the ability to transparently torify all of the TCP traffic on your Android device when it has the correct permissions.
Orbot can be installed from android market.
I will be adding more details to the guide in future...Please post your queries,doubts in the comments section...I will try to answer them!!


  1. Hey John, the first part of the guide (usage of OpenDesire) is working like a charm and I can surf the web without any issue.. but I have trouble with Orbot.. anything to configure there to ensure it's working ?? I've just enabled the transparent proxy for all application but it's not connecting... any ideas ? Thanks !

  2. Great info, but: if "HTC Desire" has no association with HTC, then I really don't think you should be using 'HTC' in the name. Expect to hear from HTC's lawyers if you do.

    Also, there is one nagging question I have yet to see answered in any of the se blog posts about rooting a phone: after rooting, will I be able to run all the same apps I am used to running, both those installed by default on my (originally T-Mobile) G1 and those I have downloaded from Google's Android Market and from

    I have to ask because there is a rumour going through the Google groups that Android Market will complete the download and installation only if the ROM code is on some 'whitelist'. Nor have I found anyone to confirm that CyanogenMOD is on the whitelist.

    1. I agree with a lot of what you're saying here but it could do with more detail. They stayed away in droves.

      Please visit rumah dijual.
      Thank you.

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  3. Hello John, can you please let me know if I can do something with proxy settings which works with authentication? Like I am behind a university proxy which requires proxy IP, port, username and password. Any help will be appreciated :)

  4. I have the same issue as DaveCore. I cannot see how to configure Orbot to use our proxy settings and, at present, it simply does not work.

  5. just install with a easy way...(note you need root access for that)

  6. @Chris....Your phone is rooted rite??

  7. And Proxy Authentication? Any solution?

  8. hey, here is somewhat better approach and even supports ntlm authorization and most of my applications are detecting internet... my gmail and facebook apps are working fine... no custom rom...

  9. Most WIFI networks I came about use some sort of encription. At home I setup the WIFI name, encription and the keycode to be used for encription. At work I need to setup the encription type/keyword and proxy address/port. This application can only set the proxy address and port. Where is the encription? I ask because I tryed to use it and ofcourse NOITHING . . .

  10. hi, im a bit confuse about download ROM from Xda...which ROM should i install? if possible please lgive the link...really2 need help

  11. Does the ROM work on Wildfire?

  12. @shauny the ROM will not work on wildfire...I will share a guide soon on how to enable proxy in wildfire phones!!

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  14. I use Proxydroid in a network that require authentication and it is working like a charm.

  15. Proxydroid work really good at my work where the network require simple http authentication.
    If you need to bypass a proxy which blocks some websites, use sshtunnel. You have to have access to a ssh server outside the entreprise's network

  16. I am with HTC Tattoo Android 1.6.Is it possible to work through proxy on this version or I need to install newer?

    1. @angel sorry for the late reply.. You need android 2.2 to try this out.. I am making another post about an app which is working mostly with all the versions of android... Please make sure to read it.

    2. Hello, I have a question again. I am with Android 2.3.7 on HTC Tattoo. But I still can't find where are the settings for proxy?

  17. any solution for lg P500???

    have tried almost everything except custom roms
    as i dont know whether the rom is compatible wid this device or not

    1. I am writing a new post on how to use proxy with LG P500.. Stay tuned!!

  18. i am using android 2.3.5 and done rooting with superuser........
    through my college proxy i can browse internet through default browser...but cannot access internet through other apps (even market)........wat should be done in order to access apps thru wwe use authenticated proxy in college...http!!

  19. my android device is htc explorer a310e(htc pico)

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  22. configuration for wifi for android

    setting -> wifi -> select network -> long press -> modify network

    you have to change 24 to 8 if (10.10. ....)
    for mannual proxy change port first..

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