Saturday, January 14, 2012

How to make Proxy work in LG P500

First of all, sorry for not updating this blog for a long time. I was busy with other works and thanks to the emails and comments that came to me asking how to use proxy on other android phones like LG P500. Sadly, this phone doesn't come with an in-built android proxy app like some of the Samsung phones (Galaxy, Galaxy S2) and hence this post is directed towards anyone using LG P500.  

Note:- This is tested in LG P500 and it works. If you want to try it in other phone do it at your own risk

Follow these steps to enjoy proxy support in LG P500 and it works both for un-authenticated and authenticated proxy.
  1. You need Opera to make this work. So download the latest one using this link 
  2. Open Opera browser and type Opera:config and now the config screen opens.
  3. Now you should scroll down until you see the proxy section. 
  4. There is a sub-menu where you will see the HTTP server and HTTP servers 
  5. Enter your proxy value in the boxes. Make sure to enter the details in both the HTTP server and HTTP servers otherwise the proxy will not work. I don't want to go behind the technical aspect of why this should be done. Just make sure to fill them both without fail. 
  6. Now check the boxes Use HTTP and Use HTTPS. Again check them both without fail for the proxy to work. 
  7. Save the sub-menu and exit out of the Opera screen 
  8. Restart the Opera and now Proxy will work definitely. 
  9. If you proxy has an authentication a window will pop-up when you run the opera asking for the username and pass. Just fill it to make the proxy work.  

Now coming to another important detail, while using this setting make sure to have another browser installed for using in non-proxy wifi, as your configured opera browser will not work. If you have any queries don't hesitate to comment here.

Here is a step by step screen shot of how to do it :)


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  3. hi,
    i am having samsung s6102 - duos. i am facing one problem.
    1) if i connect through GPRS my phone internet is working, market is working , maps working.
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    dont know what to do?
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